Monday, October 28, 2013

Patriot's Pen

What does patriotism mean to me? Well, first off what is it? There isn’t really a correct answer for that. It’s what you personally believe it is. When I think of  patriotism, I think about our country and what makes it the U.S.A.

Start with our soldiers, veterans, and police officers. I think about all the people who risk their lives for us every day, and have risked their lives for us in the past. I think of the soldiers who have died protecting our country.  

I think about many different things that make up the U.S. From: Nathan Hale, who was caught by the British during the American Revolutionary war, all the way to the  Fourth of July, with grill outs, Red, White, and Blue,  and fireworks. Both moments in time are very different, but they both have one thing in common. Our country’s independence.

Then I think of the other views of the U.S. These sides are not as pleasing. When we think of America, we also think of taxes and bills. No one likes paying taxes, but in order for our country to stay in order, they need to be paid. Why should we focus on the taxes if there are so many better aspects of our wonderful country?

Although patriotism isn't used a lot in my everyday life, it still means a lot to me. In school we say The Pledge of Allegiance every day, but because we learned it at a young age, and have been saying it since then, no one really thinks about it anymore. It just rolls out of your mouth without meaning. Now think about your day, not on the holidays about our country or independence, but the average school day. Do you really think about patriotism other than that? Personally I know I don’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

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  1. I like how many allusions you have in this piece.