Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Argumentative Essay

There are many different types of schools. Some are public and some are private. Some private schools have uniforms.  People who send their students to private schools often believe that having school uniforms has some impact on the students. I feel that having school uniforms could possibly cause more harm than good to a school environment.

A number of private schools enforce a dress code or uniform for their students. With school uniforms, students are less distracted by fashion. This also makes getting ready in the morning easier because you already know what you have to wear, as stated in “The uniforms make dress code easier to follow because it is already laid out for you.” -(The Pros of School Uniforms: Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms) Additionally a uniform policy helps with the cost of buying clothes, because uniforms are generally cheaper than brand name clothing.

There are arguments defending school uniforms because it stops bullying. This isn’t necessarily true. Bullies don’t just stop being bullies because of what you wear. In fact, wearing a school uniform can make you a target from kids outside of your school that don’t wear uniforms. “Having uniforms won’t necessarily put a block on bullying. Bullies will still find other things that students and teachers can’t change and pick at them instead.” -(Arguments about Uniforms) Students are individuals. As they grow up they are trying to express themselves. If you go to a school with uniforms, it becomes harder to express yourself. “If uniforms were used at schools, students would have less of a chance to express themselves.” -(The Arguments Against School Uniforms)

School uniforms are the answer for some people. Some people believe that uniforms can solve most problems in schools today. While other people believe that school uniforms are a waste of time. Wearing uniforms is not as beneficial as wearing everyday clothes. I feel school uniforms cause problems. They don’t prevent bullying and  they make expressing yourself more difficult. Uniforms aren’t the answer

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